Filemaker ERP

If you thought that a fully integrated ‘Prospect to Invoice’ business system was only achievable with a six figure sum then think again. You can have something tailored specifically to your business in a matter of months for as little as £20K. No Really.

Possibly like you I was previously under the impression that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems were the preserve of Blue Chip organisations who had the budget to invest millions of pounds in deploying a fully integrated solution. This as it turns out is just not true. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) can also enjoy the benefits of a slick process driven system that can store customer contacts and at the press of one button produce quotations or eMail customers an invoice.

At the core of a scalable ERP system is a software product called Filemaker, a business objects driven database that is extremely quick to develop and deploy. With the objects and business processes agreed, defined and documented, something that can be achieved for as little as £5K. The flexibility of the package allows experienced Filemaker developers to quickly create supporting object structures and their interdependency’s, before turning all of their focus to where it really needs to be, the user interface.

After all, easy to navigate and well laid out screens sound like a given for any business system, but how often in practice is that actually the case? Especially if the system employed has been updated to fit with how the business functions day to day. In the right hands a Filemaker business system can match the best out there in terms of form and function. There are also some really neat features that can be included in the build that will save time and ultimately money. Features such as ‘drag and drop’ that enable attachments to be quickly uploaded from an incoming email directly into a customer record. Better still related functionality that enables outgoing emails to be constructed automatically, including relevant attachments, all with just one touch of a button.

With a well built Filemaker business system there is no need to scrabble around searching for old emails or inconsistent file structures, when instead attachments once uploaded can be retrieved instantly before being selected and even zipped and attached to an eMail, all literally at the touch of one button.

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