Business Transformation seeks to create a step change in performance by solving the bigger issues that often have a stranglehold on organisations, causing disruptive behaviour and preventing excellent customer service.

To get Business Transformation right, focus should always start with the customer before examining the effectiveness of the products and services offered. When done correctly Business Transformation will inform an organisation on what it should ‘Stop, Start and Continue’ doing in creating a recipe for lasting success.

The main risk of Business Transformation is that it involves change, which many people find difficult to deal with. To be successful the ‘PACE’ of the change needs to be a bit quicker than most people in the organisation are comfortable with. Too quick and many will get left behind. Too slow and the transformation will never actually take place.

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With Business Transformation The Sky is the Limit

These might sound like two very obvious questions to ask, but do you offer standard products and have you recently listened to what your customers or clients are actually asking for? We highlight this because it is possible your organisation does focus on ‘delighting’ its customers and delivering ‘quality’ in everything it does.

This might even sit at the ‘core’ of what you do, included as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) displayed as live screen updates for everyone to view on an hourly basis.

This might well be working for you, it might even be working for your customers, but if you are in any doubt or just want to check to make sure, we recommend the following steps: –

1. Listen to and record very carefully the words customers use when they contact you (decide on the sample size first)

2. Group customers questions and phrases together avoiding use of your existing language, such as the products you offer

3. For each group track and map actual fulfilment processes (Customer Journey Mapping)

4. Reflect on the results and once again measure how successful you are this time based on what customers originally asked for

Customer services is a very good place to start doing this type of analysis. However time consuming and resource hungry listening to calls may be, live or from recordings, noting down ‘word for word’ what was said provides an extremely rich source of data on how to transform any organisation. Sounds too radical, time consuming, or frankly unnecessary? Consider a smaller test sample, one that is big enough to demonstrate something meaningful, but small enough not to require a large team to deploy.

When carrying out this type of analysis in pursuit of Business Transformation, the types of flaws in thinking or symptoms of poor performance you are trying to uncover include: –

1. Mis-matches between actual customer requirements and the products or services offered

2. Ineffective business processes that pass customer cases from department to department without ownership

3. Decisions being made too late in the process, causing unnecessary delays and potentially leaving customers feeling anxious or angry

4. Mistakes that cause customers to call back and/or complain

5. Frustrated and de-motivated front-line staff

6. High absenteeism and sickness rates

Business Transformation identifies what to start, stop and continue doing

Organisations are driven by specific measures, which in turn cause particular behaviours by staff and ultimately customers. As organisations get bigger these become more complex and less clear to identify and define, as do the reasons behind trends such as high absenteeism rates.

Business Transformation, beginning with the steps identified above, uncover what is really happening, where value is added, how organisations should be structured and what processes should be in place.

Defining what to Stop, Start and Continue doing.

Our advice with Business Transformation is to start small with a representative trial before reflecting on the results and confirming next steps.

Remember at you are dealing direct and so all services are offered at extremely competitive daily rates or as fixed priced packages to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment. To discuss any of the services offered, including partnership working opportunities, please make contact using the form below.

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