Welcome to PACE-Consulting.co.uk, my name is Matt Nichols and I specialise in ERP and Digital Transformation Projects and Programmes. I know you are busy, so I will only take a few minutes of your time.

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Building on a wealth of high quality experience gained at ‘Rolls-Royce Plc’ in 2001 I launched Professional Advice on ChangE Ltd (PACE). Two years later in 2003 and PACE joins forces with the family run business Nitech Technical Services Ltd as PACE-Consulting.co.uk

Our focus has always been on the business and what it wants to change first, with the technology as an enabler coming second. Change through technology. This is in contrast to leading projects and programmes from a technical bias where quite often the change element can quickly get forgotten. The skill when approaching things from a business perspective is in how you communicate with the technical teams and suppliers involved, something we specialise in.

In order to successfully implement change through technology we offer a range of related services that can be called upon seperately or as fixed price packages:
Change through technology
Customer Journey Mapping
Project and Programme Management
Agile Deployment
Business Transformation
Project Rescue and Recovery

The types of change implemented include: lean delivery of services through successful delivery of projects and programmes, shifting customers from traditional phone and face2face channels to digital channels and improving customer service by understanding what motivates your customers when contacting your organisation.

Inevitably there is some technology involved and to date these have included: Online Services, Smart Phone Apps, Automated Telephony, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle, SalesForce.com and Filemaker ERP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and more recently Commercial Vehicle Telemetrics.

We are proud to have implemented change through technology at organisations as varied as: T-Mobile, Worcestershire County Council, Rolls-Royce, Quadriga Worldwide, Malvern Hills District Council, Wiltshire Police and Sanctuary Housing. Senior managers within those organisations have recommended us. See the Clients page for evidence of both client and partner views.

As well as working independently we also partner strategic organisations such as NineFeetTall, Decent Business Systems and Ideas2Solutions during the requirements capture and implementation phases of key projects and programmes. This is something we would very much like to do more of, as well as continuing to work directly with our own clients in maintaining a strong and relevant portfolio.

All PACE-Consulting.co.uk services are offered at extremely competitive rates and so if you’d like to discuss any of the services offered or partnership working opportunities please get in touch.

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