If you are a consulting organisation, we are very interested in discussing the possibility of working with you as associates. This we see as a definite two-way relationship in trying to secure you more business as well.


“…I’d recommend Matt’s services to any organisation, particularly where there’s a requirement for the controlled delivery of solutions into a complex business and technical environments…” Chris Totten (23 April 2012).


We have an enviable record of long term relationships with clients implementing a wide range of change through technology projects and programmes. See the Clients page for evidence of both client and partner views.

To find out more about working with us as associates please make contact using the form below.

Not yet convinced, then ask yourself these questions: –

  1. Are you adequately resourced to deal with the implementation phases of a new project
  2. Have you considered using a highly experienced and professional client facing associates to work with you on a partnership basis
  3. Would you be interested in meeting to discuss working with us as associates
  4. Simply complete the form below

Still not convinced, then how does this sound: –

– Direct access to a customer focussed implementation expertise with more than ten years’ experience

– Management of the implementation on your clients site

– Recommendations of your products and services, as appropriate, in other client engagements

Charged at a competitive rates we already work with other organisations like yours as associates.

To find out more about working with us as associates please make contact using the form below (*Indicates a required field)


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